Small Grazing Box
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Small Grazing Box

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*Minimum 2 to order - price is for 2 boxes*

Our small box is made for individual grazing

Perfect for party favors, virtual conference or as a thank you gift, corporate gift box, product launch, or just a simple delicious lunch on the go 


  • 1-2 Cured Meats 
  • 2 Artisan Cheeses
  • Seasonal Fruits or Veggies
  • Dried fruit 
  • Olives
  • Nuts
  • Sweet Accompaniment
  • Crackers
  • Dip/Jam
  • Bread


 *Moet not included*

72 hours notice required.

Our kitchen is not allergen-free. Therefore, we cannot serve customers that have any type of allergy due to the fact that there is no guarantee of prevention of cross-contamination. It is the customer's responsibility to let us know about any allergies. *Our products may contain: - Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Soy, Gluten, Sesame, Wheat, Triticale, Seafood, Gelatin, Mustard, and Sulphites.
Small Grazing Box

Small Grazing Box