The luxury charcuterie experience beyond the average meat & cheese


My family has always had an eye for food and I was exposed throughout life to the intricacies of gastronomy and food styling. My father owns a restaurant that has been successfully operating for the past 29 years. Additionally, my mother has always had a passion for cooking and bringing people together. I remember watching her make and share meals for all her friends and family because they loved her cooking that much and would request her meals to share with their own friends and family. Personally, I have been learning the art of charcuterie for the past 9 years and have always enjoyed taking my food creations to the next level in terms of decor and presentation for birthdays, special occasions, girls nights, etc. My step-dad was the one who introduced me to pairing things with charcuterie and preparing fancy spreads. We began spending endless time together, perfecting our art and experimenting.

In 2019, I launched a small business of preparing healthy school meals for kids but unfortunately, the pandemic put a temporary pause on these efforts. This pause however, planted the seeds for what would soon become The Charcuterie Master. All my friends and family began placing orders for platters to enjoy amongst themselves as they looked to make the most of their evenings at home. Through the continued support and words of encouragement from friends and family, I officially launched The Charcuterie Master in late 2020! I am excited to continue providing luxury grazing experiences that help bring people together through their love of food. 

Charcuterie Platters
Luxury charcuterie boxes, boards, platters and cones

Gathering around the table with loved ones and creating memories through food are some of the things we all miss the most. This helps create new memories by sending loved ones our charcuterie boxes or platters. No matter the distance, food can always unite us.